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Month: July 2019

Part 3 – The lifestyle of the richest 10% is the solution to climate change

By Frank Holleman / July 30, 2019

Recently an older man told me about his showers. As a kid, he would sometimes go to the bathhouse with his brother. You could take a hot shower for 15 cents. After 10 minutes of pure luxury, someone would knock on the door because time was over. “What a time. Well, as I’ve always said…

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Part 2 – How to create real value for people and environment

By Frank Holleman / July 23, 2019

In a faraway corner of China, there is a secret lake. A lake that shall not be named, a black hole with toxic waste. A BBC reporter called it ‘hell on Earth’. It exists for one reason only: mining the materials that create our smartphones. [1] The factories around the lake mine huge amounts of…

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Part 1 – Climate Change is a mental problem

By Frank Holleman / July 16, 2019

The map of the world is a lie. The version most people know was designed by sailors in the 17th century, so they could draw straight lines across the ocean. But to achieve this they had to stretch the size of continents. The Earth is a ball and drawing it as a flat map is…

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Intro – What climate change can learn from religion

By Frank Holleman / July 15, 2019

My grandpa was a pastor, my mother is a pastor, and my father is a pastor. People have asked me whether I would become one as well. Now I realise that I want to be a ‘pastor for sustainability’. I believe we’re starving for positive stories of the future. Because right now we’re telling people…

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