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A human approach

Our mission is restoring the food balance, by translating complex info into simple stories and recipes.


Fork Ranger is about exploring where our food comes from and making it easy to take action on climate change. We believe that people are willing to change if they understand the issue and see clear steps.

While taking a pragmatic approach to cooking, we also see food as a way of reconnecting with nature. We want to celebrate vegetables and restore meat as a delicious product for special occasions.

Our principles

Positive impact

We see sustainability as stewardship: taking care of the land to sustain humans in harmony with nature.


Recipes should be more user-friendly. This applies to the ingredients and the layout of instructions.

Guided action

People are easily overwhelmed by climate advice. We break down complex issues into tiny steps.


Climate change communication is often about depressing facts. But humans need inspiring stories.

We are based in Amsterdam. You can find us at the Impact Hub.

You can always contact Frank at or call
+316 30 87 30 25


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