Solving climate change with food

We translate climate science into stories and recipes so everyone can be part of the solution. Our mission is to use food as starting domino for systematic change.

Doing something about climate change often feels like missing out on the good life. It’s time to build a better version of the good life;  one that has purpose and protects vulnerable people, plants and animals. It’s time to 'bring balance to the forks'.

Food is the best place to start because it's a delicious and cheap solution we can use everyday. We’re going to celebrate veggies and restore meat as a luxury for the weekend.


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What is the Fork Ranger approach?

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How Frank started Fork Ranger

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The impact of the book so far

Our Team

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Jordi Bruin

App | 🥵


Joost van den Akker

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Kevin Blom

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Susan Alvarado Cummings

Research | 🪐

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Casper Willemsen

Recipes | 🏹


Mareike Brühl

Co-founder | 🦄

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Frank Holleman

Co-founder | 🏕

Want to join?

We'd love to hear from you if you are good at:

  • building or designing apps
  • creating recipes
  • writing or researching about sustainable food systems

If you're interested just send an email to frank@forkranger.com

We are based in Amsterdam. You can find us at the KIT.

You can always contact Frank at
frank@forkranger.com or call
+316 30 87 30 25


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