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This book will help you answer two difficult questions...


What difference can I make in the climate crisis?

What's the most effective solution for climate change? That question brings us to food, which is responsible for a quarter of all greenhouse gases. In our eyes that is good news, because changing food is not dependent on technology but our choices.

With simple language and inspiring anecdotes, the book dissects the underlying issue of the climate crisis. Fork Ranger draws a bridge between our plates and the land our food comes from. Without ignoring the urgency of the problem, the book gives a positive outlook in a subject characterised by doom scenarios.

What should I eat tonight?

40 simple recipes that use veggies as star ingredients and include a few meals that show us how meat can be a tastemaker rather than the main ingredient.

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Simple and easy

No more than two pans and ingredients you already know

Spinach Pesto
Spinach Pesto2
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orange prune 2
orange prune

A well-balanced meal

Carefully combined veggies for taste, texture and protein
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Adventurous flavour

Ever added coffee to your chilli or made a peanut butter curry?

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