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Part 5 – Changing the world is a habit

I’m working on a cookbook for climate change but I refuse to calculate how much kg C02 someone would save with a meal. It’s just too little. Looking at the numbers, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. But the impact is not primarily in the numbers. It’s in the chain reaction.

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Part 4 – How to break free from consumerism

The richer you are, the bigger your environmental footprint. The other bad news is that the rich lifestyle of the West is what people in other countries are dreaming of. Buying more stuff is a problem, also in a circular economy with hyper-efficiency. The real answer is breaking free from consumerism. That is not a groundbreaking…

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Part 1 – Climate Change is a mental problem

The map of the world is a lie. The version most people know was designed by sailors in the 17th century, so they could draw straight lines across the ocean. But to achieve this they had to stretch the size of continents. The Earth is a ball and drawing it as a flat map is…

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Intro – What climate change can learn from religion


My grandpa was a pastor, my mother is a pastor, and my father is a pastor. People have asked me whether I would become one as well. Now I realise that I want to be a ‘pastor for sustainability’. I believe we’re starving for positive stories of the future. Because right now we’re telling people…

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