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Vacancy - CTO

Become the CTO who does more good than Elon Musk.

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Perhaps it's an exaggerated promise but it’s not impossible: in the Drawdown calculations, reduced food waste and eating less meat saves 12 times more CO2 than electric cars. Of course we need all climate solutions but the point is that our food is a massive problem and we have a plan to fix that.

Fork Ranger is Duolingo + Jamie Oliver for climate change. By going on educational quests you earn XP and unlock user-friendly, vegetarian recipes. The problem we solve is taking away the stress of two questions: 1. What can I do about climate change? 2. What’s for dinner?

We started with a book that has already helped hundreds of people to cook without meat and now we’re looking for a CTO to lead the development of the app. Check out to get an impression of what we want to build. Whether the end product will be a web or native app and what platforms to choose will depend on you.

You will need:

  • Skills to build an awesome app (e.g. Swift/ React.js/ etc.)
  • Good eye for UX/UI
  • Commitment of a co-founder
  • Drive to save the world
  • Some appetite for veggies

You will work together with Frank (that’s me!) in Amsterdam. Since we’re still raising funds we hope to offer a basic salary towards the end of the year but there is no guarantee. We will negotiate your equity but it’s definitely going to be a big chunk.

Why you should join

Let’s skip the business talk and get personal: Finding a way to use my work for something good is why I founded Fork Ranger. The only thing better than working on this mission is having teammates.

While I’m super driven to turn this into an impactful business, I don’t believe it should be at the cost of personal life. Long hours? Yes that’s part of it. But a weekend is a weekend and having a good time is essential if we want to build the company that makes sustainable habits mainstream. I would like to use Fork Ranger to offer every team member a purposeful life, not just a thrilling startup job.


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Why is this going to work?

Designing accessible recipes
The problem I wanted to solve for myself was vegetarian cooking, it was too hard to find nice recipes that are not quinoa salads. So I made a book with easy and wholesome recipes and changed the layout of the recipes to make it more user-friendly. Dozens of people have said this helped to reduce their meat consumption.

Most people care about climate change but don’t know enough to act. There is lots of confusing information and often it’s overwhelming. By cutting it up into small chunks and turning it into a game, we provide them with both wonder and peace of mind.

The biggest differentiator of Fork Ranger is that it’s not vegan, not even vegetarian. Keeping it non-dogmatic and focusing on positive storytelling allows us to reach a wide target audience who is not ready to become vegan. Together with the recipes, this approach was a key reason for selling 1100 copies of the Fork Ranger book so far.


Twice a month we share new insights and stories about the world of sustainable food