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How do you prevent food waste?

Food waste. Partly unavoidable. But nevertheless the no. 1 climate solution. And as consumers, we have a role to play.

We asked some of our fans how they prevent food waste. Here are their tips. Add your top tips in the comments.

Kim: check eggs

Fill a clear glass with water and carefully lower the egg into it. Do they:
...lie flat on the bottom, then you have a fresh egg.
...lie on the bottom, with the point upright, then they are a number of works old, but still fine to eat.
...float, then unfortunately they are spoiled and you can no longer eat them.

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Marja: stick to quantities

It is actually quite well known, but….
Stick to the quantities per person that are advised and necessary.
Try to weigh everything well.

Fork Ranger team 💬: note that our advised pasta servings are quite large (100 g per person), so if you eat smaller portions stick to 75 g per person.

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Marlijn: rethink leftovers

A mini bit of rice from dinner can be put back in a burrito, half an onion goes into the next wok and we shake up the last lick of mayo from the pot as salad dressing.

When I think about how I used to throw the leftovers from my dinner plate into the trash, it probably makes a big difference! (And, a bit dirty, but even food from my plate just goes back into the pan haha)

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Karen: buy when needed

I try to empty my fridge before buying more.

I put meat in the freezer and thaw it the day I'm going to use it or the day before.

I try to do my shopping after dinner, then there is a smaller chance that I'll buy food that's not on my list.

What are your tips? Leave them in the comment section below👇

It's a really hard thing to tackle, so let's share with each other what we've found that worked. It might be just the right thing for someone else.

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