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Recipes for climate change

Solving climate change starts with new food habits, argues Frank Holleman in his new cookbook ‘Fork Ranger’. When the 29-year old designer was surprised by the large environmental impact of meat but struggled to eat less himself, he decided to make a book with easy recipes.

‘With this book I want to help people answer two hard questions: What can I do about climate change and what should I eat for dinner?'

To the question of why the world needs another vegetarian cookbook, Holleman is quick to respond that his book is about climate change and includes two recipes with small amounts of meat. With some frustration he also adds that most vegetarian recipes are not as easy as they claim to be. ‘I don’t want a salad or quinoa bowl, or search for special ingredients. Most vegetarian recipes are not written for meat lovers.’

Holleman was working for a sustainability expedition to Antarctica when he asked himself what some of the most significant solutions are for climate change. ‘We hear so many tips about reducing our carbon footprint, from eating vegetarian to changing the light bulbs. But no one shows them in context. People lose overview and become overwhelmed. Companies or governments can solve many problems, but there are a few problems where we need citizen action. Eating less meat is one of them. We cannot solve climate change without eating less meat.’

In his search for easy recipes, Holleman also wanted to help people understand the problem and what they could do themselves. In between forty recipes, he takes readers along in his personal journey of sustainable food, covering topics like meat, organic, local and packaging.

’The food system is complicated and there are lots of dilemmas. But there are a few simple guidelines that make a massive difference. Everyone is on their own journey with sustainability. Rather than a blueprint for a perfect food system, this book is a compass for heading in the right direction.'

The first edition of his book has sold out and Holleman received lots of positive feedback. ‘What I’m most proud of is that the book not only reached meat lovers but also helped them reduce their meat consumption by a third!’

The book is available in both English and Dutch for €29 on or

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