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Simple Recipes

Fork Ranger started out of frustration with most recipes. That's why we're on a mission to create simple recipes with impact.

Simple & easy

Only whole foods

No rare ingredients




Recipes coming soon

Our recipe philosophy

Many people are frustrated with vegetarian recipes because they are not made for their tastes and lifestyle. Most traditional recipes are not made with respect to what the land can provide. That's why we design simple recipes that reflect the scientific findings about climate and health.

Meat can be part of a sustainable diet, but only as a luxury product for the weekend. With less animals, it becomes possible to raise them on land and food that is not suited for humans.

Why recipes

We believe that restoring the food balance starts with recipes, because they are the most fundamental aspect to what ends up on our plates. It is about celebrating vegetables and what the land has to offer.

Our view on meat substitutes is that they can play a role but are not ideal. Many people don't like them and they often include many additives. We also believe that it's a lazy solution that keeps the status quo in place.

Instead of substituting meat, we want to celebrate vegetables and restore meat as a delicious product for special occasions.


Twice a month we share new insights and stories about the world of sustainable food