30 min

Smoky Penne with Celery

In this pasta you will enjoy the fresh notes of the celery. This works especially well with the smoky cream sauce. The celery will stay a little crispy.


4 servings

400 g
300 g
150 g
100 g

Penne (whole wheat)
Oyster mushrooms
Celery stalks
Canned corn
Black olives

400 ml
3 tea sp
3 tea sp
4 cloves

(Soy) cream
Sambal (oelek)
Smoked paprika powder


15 min

  1. Mince garlic
  2. Chop celery finely
  3. Rip oyster mushrooms in long pieces (easier than cutting)
  4. Cut olives in half


15 min

pan 1b

Sauté mushrooms

high heat ~3 min

pan 2

Cook pasta

~10 min

pan 1b

In the meantime, add garlic, sambal, smoked paprika powder

lower heat and stir ~1 min

Add cream, corn, celery, olives

drain corn before adding, medium/high heat ~7 min


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