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spinach pesto

Spinach Pesto

I discovered this recipe by accident, and it was part of the inspiration for the book. The combination of tomatoes and chopped spinach almost creates a ground meat texture.

4-5 servings

500 g

400 g
ca. 8
200 g
400 g
100 g

Penne or other pasta

Tomatoes canned
Sundried tomatoes in oil
Spinach chopped, frozen
Mushrooms chestnut
Green beans (cook with pasta)

ca. 90 g
2 cloves

Pesto green
Onion yellow


15 mins

Dice onion and mince garlic

Cut mushrooms into slices

Cut sundried tomatoes in small strips

Take off top from beans and halve them


20 mins

frying pan

Sauté onion and mushrooms

high heat ~2 mins

Reduce heat and add garlic

medium heat, simmer until most of the moisture from the mushrooms is gone ~5 mins

Add tomatoes, sundried tomatoes and pesto

stir and bring to boil/simmer ~3 mins

pan geel

Cook pasta

after ~2 minutes add green beans

the beans need ~10 minutes so adjust cooking time of pasta accordingly

Add spinach

Simmer until spinach is melted and everything is warm ~8 mins

Buon Appetito


Make it a dinner party

  • Toast some sunflower seeds or pine nuts to serve
  • Use high quality pesto or make it yourself

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