The book

What is different in the second edition?

In December 2019 I published the first version of the Fork Ranger book. In December 2020 I've got a second edition, revised and updated! It's the same book but a lot of things have changed.

Big recipe update

There are 8 new or completely updated recipes, many recipes have small adjustments and I improved the design of all recipes.


Clearer writing with more stories

The first 9 chapters are completely rewritten. Only a third of the old text is left and fitted into a new structure.


More information and better graphs

The short descriptions contain more information and there are new texts about topics such as organic or seasonal food.


Nicer tone and more beautiful

The people who took a look at it so far said that it ‘feels’ different. The writing is more personal, there are more details in the design and I’ve used my own mountain pictures to express how everyone is on their own sustainability journey.


Summary with clear priorities

At the end, I divide all of the topics into five different priority levels so you know what to focus on.

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