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Solving climate change with food

We help you understand climate change and give you the recipes to do something about it.


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The land produces food.

But land is limited on planet Earth...

football fields of forest
disappear every minute

Meat is a leading cause of deforestation. Overall, our food creates a quarter of all greenhouse gases. That's more than all cars, trucks, trains, and airplanes combined.

graphic emissions

greenhouse gas emission per sector

If food is the problem, it can also be the solution.

Fork Ranger started with a big question: What's the biggest solution for climate change?

Few global issues are so clearly connected our daily lives as food. Every day, we make decisions that can restore the balance. But knowing about a problem is not enough. Our mission is to make it extremely easy to take action.

Fork Ranger cooking

Simple recipes for flexitarians

A new way of eating needs new recipes. That's why we're designing simple recipes for people with busy lives who want to make a difference.

Mostly plants

Easy and quick

Enough protein


Exploring the Food System

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