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Level up your Food

Eat like your planet depends on it. Become a Fork Ranger.

APP - recipes

Super easy recipes

Lots of veggies

Simple ingredients

Plenty of protein

Spinach Pesto

25 min

Smokey chilli 2

Smokey Chilli

35 min

strogonof 2

Brazilian Strogonof

25 min

green lemon spaghetti 2

Green Lemon Spaghetti

25 min

 We're here to answer two of your
toughest questions: 

What can I do about climate change?


What's for dinner?

APP - journey

Discover how food can save the world

Play a quest

Learn about our climate

Earn XP & unlock recipes

CO2 levels


Fast carbon cycle


Slow carbon cycle

Food connects the world's ugliest problems, from inequality to climate change. We help you understand what's going on and give you the recipes to take action. Eating is like voting three times a day in what kind of world you want to live, so let's turn you into a Fork Ranger.

The book

Get it all on paper (in Dutch)

our story

Never shy away from big questions

Fork Ranger was born when Frank wanted to know: What's the biggest solution for climate change?


Twice a month we share new insights and stories about the world of sustainable food